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We were going for a Sam Raimi "Evil Dead" feel and look. Although we had to work with more of a modern style home, I made sure to work in as many antique and suttle old fashion objects while sticking with a warm pastel color palette.

Being a comedy, I thought it was important to use props to gain comedic standing without being overbearing or really understood at first site. My first thought and note to the team was,"keep it dick shaped" You'll notice the Eiffel Tower photo as well as the ribbed lamp along with many others throughout the short. Having this more sublimal surrounding really helped cushion the story as well as the performances.

We wanted to "bury the camera". So to pull off this shot I actually designed and built a camera box. Rigged it so we could get a laptop hooked up to the camera usb for viewing, then added a plexiglass roof for a clear view of the cover up. Also keeping my DP extremely paranoid and worried for his camera hoping it would come out alive.