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All I can say is, building and dressing an entire party scene on the hottest day of the year was an experience worth it's while. This shot came out beautiful. Our DP wanted to use as many practicals as possible.
So our thought process: college party, college house, huge areas to fill on limited budget...umm lots and lots xmas lights will do. Stringing them all up and keeping them on a stable power source... lets just say we figured it out.

Party scenes are awesome but are crazy amount of work and planning. It was tough to cheat around dressing a scene because rarely did we have a shot tight enough where it wouldn't need some kind of attention. Always have to make sure we kept the continuity in each shot. Especially with this wrap around track shot. It is funny seeing people pretend to party though.

This was an amazing shot at the end of the party scene. This was a very important scene in the story. Everything comes to the turning point in our main characters life, so we really had to sell it.
That messy end of the night look while maintaining a balanced and well thought out composition.
Designed the book cover and dressed.

We made sure that we stuck with a specific color palette to keep the tone of the house and film.
This shot took time we didn't have and literally took a shot leading to one broken window. To plan this out was a nightmare but the end result proved to be a success.
Built 4 birdhouses out of balsa wood while scoring the insides to keep it weak enough to break with a airsoft gun. Packed it with feathers and dust so we were left with more of an aftermath. Thus giving the audience a better understanding of what exactly the bullet hit.
This shot was a battle for the timing of the sun. We got it.